Hey there! Here's our reel.

To say 2015 was a great year for The Right Brothers would be... well I guess it would be pretty accurate. It was another year of music videos with some great musical acts like Emily Kempf, Microphone Phelps, Jamaican Queens and James Linck. A year of getting out and helping our community with projects for Urban Neighborhood Initiative, a successful KickStarter campaign for Flint Michigan's Sutorial Boots & Shoes and also had the pleasure of creating a film to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Detroit Soup.

The biggest project in scope, size and popularity was our partnership with Cranbrook Art Museum and Artist Nick Cave for Nick Cave: HearHere. From Spring all the way through Fall we had the great pleasure of documenting all the events throughout the city while editing them into a film that grew inside of the exhibit itself. Easily the highlight of 2015. Here's is a short excerpt from that film. 

But don't worry, we still had a time to meet incredible new people who we're very excited to start collaborating with in 2016. Thanks for watching and as always, let's make something together.