Let's Meet Lindsay Cashews

Young artist introduces herself to Detroit.

Video Produced by
The Right Brothers & Lindsay Cashews

Music by
Eddie Logix

Additional footage provided by
The Urban Hanger


Cashews's Skandoughless is a performance art group started by Lindsay Cashews in 2013. They have been offered a variety of ground-breaking shows for 2015. Any funding that is received will go towards making the dream of touring, costuming, hiring studio assistants, and paying the performers a reality.

Lindsay Cashews is an award-winning artist and designer based in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and was a fellow receipient from the Ox-Bow School of Art.
In 2013, she started Skandoughless. Skandoughless has branched from an idea of simply creating finely-crafted goods, to the idea that the craft could become a part of a performance, progressing into theatre and draumatics. Cashews wrote and designed her first show in September of 2014 that premiered at the Cleveland Agora Theatre, and included artists and entrepreneurs aspiring in their own craft as designers, artists, and models.