How Was Your Weekend? | Movement 2015

Toured all over Iceland with some American Expedition Vehicles.

A short film captured at Movement 2015 in Detroit.

Words by
Ryan Clancy

Visuals by
Andrew Miller

Created & Produced by
The Right Brothers

Independently Created in Detroit, MI


PLAYGROUND DETROIT is pleased to premiere “How Was Your Weekend?” by  The Right Brothers’ Andrew Miller and Jamaican Queens’ drummer Ryan Clancy, leading us back to 2015’s unforgettable Movement electronic music festival.

The heavy vibrations of Paxahau’s Movement have had time to linger, resonating within Detroit’s city limits and reverberating back from the “droves” of international attendees. With time comes space, cracking the bond between the thousands plastered to each other by their sticky, sweaty skin as they dance as one in “a massive coming together.” In these narrow spaces the “Cynics” find their opportunity to creep in with judgmental warnings suggesting such gatherings are only glutinous, “mindless self-indulgence.”

Clancy joined Miller to narrate the way through a slow-motion revisit to this year’s occurrence of the infamous electronic music festival in Hart Plaza. Over the calming, slowed beat of the festival speakers’ bass, Clancy suggests to the Cynics that they are ignoring the “constant” in this human equation: the apparent need of convergence. Even though much of the “buzz” Movement’s cult followers flock to as a majority may be deemed risky by these outsiders, the associated drug-induced blur Miller so elegantly captures on screen is as equally important as part of the experience as a gun in hand on a battlefield of thousands, or completing the 7-loop lap around the Kaaba at Mecca.

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