How to delete all your google home voice recordings

Smart home privacy is a hot subject, with consumers becoming increasingly interested in what information is captured and processed by businesses and voice assistants, such as Google and the Assistant.

And, we will be explaining how to view, listen to, and deleting all the google home voice recordings.

Of course, Google require some personal info to make its line of speakers more useful, but we will include a step-by – step guide below to explain exactly what you can and cannot manage.

It is important to bear in mind that these systems are built to listen, with a growing number of people purchasing the virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This involves capturing and understanding the sound of your voice and enhancing the virtual assistant’s features and voice recognition. It is meant to be a feature and not a bug,

voice recordings

Google makes accessing Google Home experiences very convenient, but it is up to you how many you delete.

Google now allows you to delete individual recordings, delete between certain dates, or set up your account to delete after a certain amount of time automatically.

After listening to a few of your previous voice searches, you have the option to permanently remove the recordings if you feel slightly awkward about your coordinate position being recorded as well. Click the hamburger symbol, i.e. the three vertical dots, and then click the delete button.

Does Google retain a backup of recordings that are deleted?

If, as we have instructed above, you remove things from My Operation, Google says they are permanently killing every conversation with google.

Google Assistant

Google also states, however, that it can maintain service-related account information, such as which Google products you have used and when, to avoid spam and misuse and to enhance its services.

Google will notify you that the deleted data cannot be retrieved, until you approve the deletion. When you press delete, with no opportunity to undo, the question is gone forever. It is worth remembering that the data never leaves Google’s servers or enters third parties if you are worried about what Google Home has reported.

It is a smart idea to try to improve Google Assistant, but it is even better to adjust the default behavior from opt-out to opt-in. On this front, Google is well ahead of Amazon. The default is still to be registered with Alexa, and worse still, you may not opt out at all.