How do you record underwater sound?

Underwater video cameras are becoming increasingly popular, although they may seem like a gadget from a James Bond movie at first glance, after all, they are an upgrade on the simple video cameras model. While their roots can be traced to specific niche fields, to name but a few, such as marine biology and underwater engineering, underwater video cameras are also increasingly becoming appealing to ordinary consumers.

An underwater video camera would allow you to recording underwater sound and such beauty and have a permanent reminder of it, given the deep sea wonders, the quiet scenery and awe-inspiring expanses. It should be noted that underwater video cameras are not only limited to underwater use, but also operate on dry land just as effectively.

underwater video cameras

Given the high cost of underwater video cameras, many individuals are very hesitant to actually purchase one directly, so the number of underwater video camera rental services has risen significantly. Underwater video camera rental services offer outstanding value for money, whether it is for the professional on a tight budget, or the beginner who just wants a few photos of coral and of their adventures under water.

If you plan of having underwater sound recorder, considering the high cost of the underwater recorder as well as their fragile existence, it is worth taking care to consider buying a safe case as well.

Make sure that it is UV-resistant when buying a protective case for your underwater video camera, since water magnifies the impact of the sun’s rays. This poses a higher risk to your camera case’s useful lifetime, and if it is not UV covered, it will become brittle in time, thus dramatically reducing its protective nature.

As a general rule, most compact digital cameras’ underwater housings use externally mounted wide-angle lenses, and these lenses are really very decent for their low price and provide 100 degrees of wide-angle coverage and macro reproduction down to 1:1 (life-size). Make sure you pay careful attention to the camera’s maximum range, as this defines the safe range you can use it for.

The latest underwater video camera models have improved audio amplifiers that allow any sound to be captured and heard in crystal-clear quality. These systems can also be wirelessly connected to a remote terminal with a specified range, allowing for distance monitoring.