A quick way to reset the sound device 633

Sound device is about to make your job much easier if you mix production tone. The Sound Devices 633 is a small, lightweight 6-input blender with a 10-game digital recorder that is integrated. You have a demanding job and Sound Devices gets it. A single 4-way power supply and Power Safe’s patented technologies provide full runtime and secure shutdown in case of complete loss of power. The 633 has the I/O and technical features you need. Call your engineer to discuss a quick way to reset the sound device 633.

You have to roll when the director calls action. With Sound Devices 633, you can never miss a word of dialogue-it can be easily captured and documented in less than two seconds. In addition, Quad Powering enables you to power Sound Devices 633 with four different energy sources – enough for the whole day of output. As the first power source declines, the Sound Devices 633 moves to the next, and so on, automatically. And if power loss is complete, power Safe technology can save your files and shut down your computer safely. How cool is it?

Sound Equipment

Compact and detailed

In a lightweight, bulletproof unit, the Sound Devices 633 has everything you have asked for, ideal for over the-shoulder use. The Sound Devices 633 have six SD and CompactFlash memory card analogue inputs and records. Sound Equipment understands mixing production and knows the everyday difficulties you face. They have therefore built the 633 with all the technical features and versatility to do your job correctly. If you need portability, without losing the capability to record or mix, the Sound Devices 633 is for you.

Technology for power Safe: If all sources of energy are withdrawn or exhausted, the power Safe circuit is enabled. Power Safe runs the 633 for up to 10 seconds and ensures that all file operations are closed completely and the device is turned off gracefully. The second power to record. Two power to record. Never wait for sound! Never wait!

Simple to use and full-size controls: transparent, smooth, easy to navigate, visible under all conditions of light, configurable measurement and display.

Built for the field: the thin, lightweight compact chassis 633 is made of molded carbon fiber. It builds on the powerful legacy of high-performance audio, audio and video mixers of Sound Instruments.