Recording a WhatsApp video call on Android

WhatsApp Calling makes calling your family and friends pretty easy. As long as the internet connectivity of your telephone is open, you can make calls to others even in another world.

It may be helpful to record video calls from WhatsApp on Android, especially during interviews. We will discuss tips to record a WhatsApp video call on Android in this article. Do not worry, it is really straightforward.

As journalists, recording telephone calls is important to us particularly when we speak to people over the phone, so it is important to us to figure out how to record WhatsApp calls. Let us stop chasing: recording WhatsApp calls is far from easy. In reality, we did not find an simple way to do this, despite the hours we spent studying this. We tested how WhatsApp calls can be registered across platforms, but hardware limitations and software limitations have been impeded.

It is crucial that you answer this question before you rush to download an application to record your call. In reality, it would be a shame to be a victim of litigation for your actions.

Be aware that in certain nations, the case law provides for potential use of a telephone conversation as evidence. It must, of course, comply with your disagreement and not violate human rights and freedoms. As in a typical call, simply remind the other party that the conversation is registered and the other party agrees. You will not record the video conversation if you decline.

Naturally, a conversation may be captured without having to use it in a legal situation. This may for instance be an interview or a recollection.

record an Android call

How to record an Android call to a WhatsApp

To record a WhatsApp call to Android, an app must be installed. Android does not offer the option native but some manufacturers are natively able to record your Android smartphone’s (sound) screen. This is especially the case with Huawei smartphones. If you do not have this option, an external application must be downloaded.

Besides recording, you can also take screenshots of your WhatsApp interface on your PC with the WhatsApp Call Recorder or monitor your Android with your mouse and keyword.

As we have said before, it is very difficult to record WhatsApp calls. If neither way works for you, you can hold your phone on the laptop and record the call with a second telephone or some other computer that has a nearby voice recorder while you are sitting in a quiet room. This is a crude hack and the only reason we have to mention it is because it is the only secure way for WhatsApp calls to be captured at a very low cost.